Kid-friendly Bio
Emma Lesko grew up near Detroit, Michigan, where she ate dirt, taught her guinea pig to turn the basement lights on with his teeth, and read books in a garbage can. Like all kids, Emma had some superpowers. She had supersonic ears, super-strong taste buds and a supersmelling nose. Sometimes her superpowers were spectacular, and sometimes they gave her a feeling of barf. Though Emma has written a gazillion kids’ stories, this is the first one she ever showed anybody.

SmallCenteredHeadshotGrown-up Bio
Emma Lesko is the author of two chapter books, SUPER LEXI and SUPER LEXI IS NOT A FAN OF CHRISTMAS. Emma is passionate about the unique potential in every child to contribute to the greater good, and seeks to ignite this potential in her school visits and through her work with various children’s nonprofits.

She been published in the Huffington Post, Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution, and several blogs. She is both a sponsor and active volunteer for the Kids for Peace Great Kindness Challenge, a global kindness initiative with over five million participating students.