Image: Flickr, Two Stout Monks

Quiet Christmas Activities for Kids

Image: Flickr, Two Stout Monks

Image: Flickr, Two Stout Monks

Not all kids enjoy holiday hoopla. For many, the holidays are a source of stress. These kids can be better off protected from things like holiday parties, school musical programs, trips to the mall, Christmas tree shopping, and lots of the decorating. Even too many crafts and cookie baking events can stress kids out. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the special season. There are lots of quiet moments that can be treasured during the season that are sure to recharge any introverted kid.

  1. Roast peppermint marshmallows at the fireplace with the Christmas lights turned on.
  2. Put hot cocoa or cider in a thermos and drive around looking at Christmas lights.
  3. Read a favorite holiday book near the fireplace. Better yet, write one.
  4. Make a cozy fort and decorate it with Christmas lights.
  5. Bring printable Christmas activities to a well-decorated coffee shop & enjoy warm drinks (hot apple cider for those that can’t have dairy or soy).
  6. Go “Christmas shopping” online for teachers and friends by the light of the Christmas tree.
  7. Play board games that only come out at Christmastime.
  8. Make snowflakes & hang them on your child’s bedroom ceiling. The effect is very cozy.
  9. Snuggle up for a Christmas movie night with popcorn.
  10. Go for past-bedtime walks in the snow. If your child dislikes the cold, sneak a microwavable heating pad under his/her coat.

What does your family do to enjoy quiet moments at Christmas?

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