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International Day of Peace with Unity for Orphans

imageLast week, I visited an orphanage in Mexico with Unity 4 Orphans as my contribution to the United Nation’s International Day of Peace. I was a little reluctant to jump in on a high-energy Soccer Day event, as I tend to gravitate to quieter activities. Fortunately, the needs of the soccer field were more than covered, and I was able to hide out with the kids who had more of a literary and artistic bent.

It was then that I discovered the immense amount of creativity these kids had with very few materials for creative outlet. As always, I go into my work with children with the intention of celebrating neurodiversity to help kids access their own superpowers. It was amazing to me how visible the superpowers of these children were.

Many of the girls were very excited to braid my hair. They were young, so of course I expected some sloppy braids and maybe a few knots. Imagine my surprise when one of the girls took a picture of her work for me, and I saw this:


Additionally, we had brought some Play Dough down with us, and I was amazed at the sophistication of the artistic expression.


I have a firm belief that we are all born with superpowers to make the world a better place, and that we discover them by following what we love. These kids can make beauty out of almost nothing. As a creative myself, I am so excited to get back down there and do what I can to support these kids in pursuing their natural-born passions.

If you are interested in sending art, books, or writing supplies, please email me at emma@emmalesko.com and I will stuff them into my backpack or suitcase on future trips. Or, if you would like to get involved yourself, reach out to Unity 4 Orphans here!