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Training for Susan Cain’s Quiet Schools Ambassador Program

IMG_9160 2I am profoundly excited to announce that I will begin training to be a Quiet Ambassador for Susan Cain’s Quiet Schools Network in June! This program has a mission statement that resonates so deeply with my heart:

“Our mission is to create Quiet Schools, which are characterized by an inclusive culture in which everyone is recognized for their potential to learn and lead in authentic ways.”

As many of you know, I do a great deal of work to empower kids to ignite their unique and authentic potential so that they may contribute to the greater good. I have long held that in our society, sensitive kids often face tremendous cultural resistance when trying to step into their power in ways that are true to them. This is a central theme in my Super Lexi chapter book series, as I strive to bring these issues to the fore. I would love to see positive, inclusive change on a societal level, and am so grateful that I will have a chance to train with leaders in this movement to help make that happen.

As someone who was once a quiet kid trying to find my place in society that rewards the extrovert ideal, I find it so healing to work toward a more accommodating world for ALL of our kids.

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